Thursday, July 19, 2012

more progress

*giggle* sometimes I'm just so amazed.  I don't want to take an ounce of credit, as I was the shy kid in school and I know it takes a LOT to overcome where these kittens are.. Just give them the safe environment and the opportunity and they can learn to trust.

When I went down to the kitten room last night I brought a book and I decided to ignore the kittens.  There is little that a kitten likes less then being ignored, and that includes being held when they are scared.

Remember that Rene named them.  Fiorella for the mom Fedele for the serious boy (the redder one), Ariana for the little girl and Nario for the buff boy

Well Nario wasn't having ANY of it.  He danced around me, attacked my skirt viciously, tried to climb my leg and was in and out of my lap..  Fedele came around a few times but Ariana was perfectly OK with being ignored.  Fiorella came up and wanted attention, then she proceeded to make biscuits on the pillow next to me.

While I sat there and attempted to read my book, Eliza sat at the front of the cage looking at me.  Finally she couldn't stand it any more and MEOWED AT ME FOR ATTENTION!!  *smirk*  yup, ignoring is almost as powerful as food bribes :)

I went over and opened up the cage to which she slunk back. Ezra wanted NOTHING to do with me thank you very much.  So I wiggled my fingers at Eliza and she batted at them *awww* and interacted with me.  She even LICKED ME!!!  Ezra started worming his way over ever so slowly to see what was going on.. which is something.. but he wouldn't interact.  So I gave them belled balls.  Up to now they haven't had toys. I know I sound so mean, but I wanted them to be bored and looking for interaction when I showed up.  Well balls were a hit. Ezra had so much fun that I got to roll the ball to him several times with out his flinching.

Of course this interaction meant I was ignoring the others.. as previously stated Nario is NOT a fan of that and tried to climb me several times, did random dances on my skirt and was generally just off his rocker..   Fedele is OK with me now.  He's not my biggest fan, but I do that thing he likes so I'm no longer something to run away from.  Ariana.. she runs... but at least when I'm not looking she now gets up closer to me, so that's something.

I did cuddle time with Ezra, he wanted to leave.  He purred, but he was looking for every opportunity to get away.  Eliza let me cuddle and coo over her.  Ezra trusts me enough now that he doesn't try to escape when I put him down... which again is something on the win column.

This morning, Fiorella and her kids were all out and visible when I walked in the room (first time for that!!) Eliza came right over to eat, Ezra was slower, but he came, and he let me move him to the other side of the dish so I could add more dry food to his other bowl.  He looked concerned but he just went back to eating

We do have some sneezing going on, but nothing else yet.  Fingers crossed that ends now and we get Fiorella and her kids back to the shelter and in to good homes right quick.


  1. love that. I have done it many times and it does work. That is how I got the scaredy boys to "like" me. I love those bell balls too - in case I need any confirmation that kittens know how to play, leave one with them and listen for the jingling (usually at about 3am).

  2. FaRAdaY: ooooooh, I *HATE* it when I'm ignored! MOL

  3. I am honored that you are using "my" names. :-) I think Fiorella beautiful name to match a beautiful mom.

    I am not sure I could ignore kittens long, and I'm glad you didn't have to either.

  4. That's such good progress. I did the "ignore" trick with Cosmo and Ling when I first rescued them. They were really traumatized. It took a few days before they would even approach us and weeks before they were comfortable enough to touch us. They are still very uncomfortable with strangers, though.

  5. Oh my stars - I was behind! I had to catch up on all the kitty action! Sending hugs, scratches, and kisses to every single kitty!
    xo Catherine

  6. Fiorella, Fedele and Ariana!! Gorgeous amazing names! And yay for Ezra and Eliza! Take care

  7. Great progress! I never thought of ignoring but it works so well!


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