Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where are the boys??

No pictures, you'll just have to imagine it

I walked into the kitten room this morning and Mom was out as was Eliza and surprise surprise Arina.  I looked and looked and couldn't find the boys ANYWHERE! (well looked and looked entailed looking in front of me then turning around.. I mean I didn't actually search) so I made a mental note who was not out for lovin and realized it was all of the boys.  I started calling "Where are the boys?!?"  and Fedele popped up out of the laundry basket.  While I was givin lovins to him Ezra started rubbing against my ankle.  Nario was on the cat bed that is under the couch (the one he is jumping out of in that wonderful action shot) he really likes it there.  I thought about pulling it out from under the couch, but I think he really prefers it right where it is so I keep leaving it there.

See, I over fed them last night (gave them four cans instead of three) so they weren't hungry this morning.  Point taken, if I want an outpouring of love and adoration I need hungry kittens!


  1. Frankly I just love being awake. =)
    Seven guys looking at me in the morning would give me great joy!

    Thank you for letting me know about the word verification! Already retired, did not know he had it. It really is very annoying when commenting.

    Whenever I get my cats disappear desperate! The Gordon Also loves getting down on the couch. One day he fell asleep behind the washing machine. Only When I met hin was crying thinking That he HAD fled. (laughs)
    My head hit me when they are hungry. I love!

  2. Fat happy content kitties need love too! MOL

  3. One of the Human's grandma's used to call that "cupboard love" MOL!!

  4. Yes it’s a hard lesson to learn. Cupboard love is the ONLY love!!


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