Friday, July 6, 2012


Cat Macros MP3 
Feel free to listen while reading this post

Hi, I'm Dorian, I'm cute and sweet and you will think I'm awesome
Me TOO! ~Agatha  No no Aggie, this one is about me..
What about me? ~Simon
Not today, this is about me.  Cause I was told I'm a really cool kitten..
Oh, OK then, I guess I'll do something else during this post
Like play with this toy
I'm cute, and sweet, and look I even have a really cute tongue!!
Actually Dorian is the most-est "whatever" kitten I've ever had.  You want to hold him, that's good.  Want to feed him? that's good too.  Play, yup, I'm up for that!  Take him away from his food, sure what's next.. he is up for 'whatever!"


  1. Great photos and captions! :)

  2. I think you're ALL adorable! purrs

  3. We knew he was something special seeing that series of photos with your DH. What a doll.

  4. They're all adorable, of course. If Dorian is that cool and laid back and ready for anything, he should fit in fine to just about any household, we think! :-)

  5. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Pink tongues against black, grey and white fur and noses is so beautiful. It's a retro color scheme from the 1960s. Dorian's tongue is nice and long and vividly pink.


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