Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shelter Carnival

So yesterday was the shelter carnival.  It was hot, high eighties to low nineties.  most of the activities were on the hot asphalt of the parking lot too, so there were quite a bit of trips inside to cool down for those manning the booths. 

One of the workers told me that it was really slow for the first hour and they were a little concerned.  By the time I got there things were hopping.  Could have been busier yes, but for their first time doing this type of event you couldn't be unhappy with the turn out!  (I remember the first kitten shower vividly)

They had staff in clown costumes.  Kind of impressive they stepped up to do that.  The "carnival" was mostly just 'games' improvised from a few purchased items and a lot of imagination... not to mention one particular game that was made with a re-purposed item from the agility class.

The way it worked was you purchased 'tickets' to play the games.  Then you won different tickets from playing then went inside to turn the tickets in for prizes or a chance at some raffle prizes.  Some of the raffle prizes were pretty impressive - but it seemed to me to be not really the right audience for them.  To counter that you could also purchase tickets to enter the raffle.. So they covered their bases

They also had puppies up for adoption and that always draws a big crowd.

Now for the picts.
The entrance
Staff member as a clown. He did a little jig for me
Puppies for adoption
just wore himself out meeting and greeting people
More staff
near a staffed table
dunk tank
bounce house
photo opportunity
Face Painting
ring toss
egg run
Duck Pond
Football throw and knock the cans down
another ring toss
Maybe this one is for the adults? :)
Beanbag toss
Making cotton candy
Raffle and ticket prizes
some of the raffle prizes
Kittens in a basket
dog and cat finger puppets
animal silly band rings (highlighting kitty one)
Kittens up for adoption
Puppies already adopted
community cat room (small animal room beyond that and second cat room at end)
Kitty up for adoption
Emma up for adoption
This kitty was in the carnival spirit.
This one was a little overwhelmed. 
She came out to see me but then someone else came in the room and she ran and hid again
Puma Joe
Puma Joe close up
"Puma Joe" is just shy of 16 pounds of pure ManCat.  His tail was as thick as rope (not fluffy, he's a DSH) his body took up that at least 3 foot shelf and he didn't have room to completely stretch out.  What you can't see is he has the perfect view of the carnival where he sits and can see the puppies in the cage.  Puma Joe was much more interested in that then getting attention from me.    He liked attention but I was interfering with his "afternoon stories" or the really good TV show he was watching :)  I got to rub his chin, and it was longer then my four fingers (and I don't have small hands)  Lets just say I was gushing more then a little - kind of like I do over Dante. I did get him to stand up and come down to the next level, but after just a few quick pats he went back to 'his show' and gave the impression that while he really appreciated the love the 'show' was the most exciting thing that had happened to him in some time (I checked his cage card, he's only been at the shelter four days)

I went into the retail area of the shelter and bought a 'sun dress' for Kit.  Only someone else wanted to try it on first.  We laughed at the idea, but since there was such long velcro straps on it, there was a chance it would work.. and surprisingly it did.
I put it on her and she went right to the camera bag and sat down
Kit came over to tell her that dressing up was HER thing
Much better!
Daddy, Daddy, aren't I cute??


  1. Such cute pictures. Can tell lots of work and imagination went into the carnival. Hope it brought in lots of dollars for the shelter!

  2. That looks like a great event! Also, that little sundress is adorable.

  3. Puma Joe reminds me a little of Billy Ray.

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe Kit enjoys dressing up! Our gang hates it, though Tucker will grudingly have a photo taken.

    The carnival is a fun idea, and Puma Joe is a stunning mancat.


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