Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Field Trip

So the nameless kitties are quite the bunch.  They have hit weight already (that was quick!) and are healthy.  The buff boy is perfect.  He's outgoing, zany, sweet, funny, etc.  He's not a snuggler - he has thing to do man! but that's OK because he will interact with me.  the "older boy" is way too serious.  He takes his responsibility of "older brother" a bit too serious, and he's on the look out for anything that could go wrong.  This morning was the first time he was out and about when I entered the room and he came right up to me.  "Baby Brother" (aka the buff boy) was no where to be seen, but when he did come out he had a toy in his mouth, so I am guessing he was busy.  "Sister" - yeah well she's prefer I simply just go away!  I can get her near me if she is distracted, but in general if she's going after one of her brothers and she realizes I am near she'll stop and go the long way around.  If I want to pick her up, I have to chase her - which I refuse to do, so it takes me quite a while to 'catch' her.  Usually it happens when she tries to bolt and ends up in a corner, but sometimes I'm lucky and she's just distracted.  I do not want to enforce the idea that she needs to run when I come near, and I certainly don't want her to associate being "grabbed" or "caught" with running away.. it just takes time.

This morning it took too much time.

So after I caught her I gave her some Spirit Essence Feral Cat because I couldn't find my Rescue Remedy.  I don't think she's "feral" but she's got that fight or flight thing going on and some trust issues going on. (I so should invest in a few of their other remedies.) The direct dose went a lot better with her then Mom.  (more on Mom in a bit).  She is easily distracted with a well placed massage to the back of her head and chin, but the minute you stop she wants to leave. Yesterday I tried to get her to play while on me and she ALMOST did but just couldn't get there.  So today I decided to do a little confidence building.  The main reason I take kittens to work is to broaden their experiences.  The more they are exposed to while young the better they are at dealing with new things for the rest of their life, the trick is to keep the experiences positive and end on a good note.  Well I couldn't bring her to work, so we took a walk around the house.  I introduced her to Fleurp and Kit and Muffin.  Jack was sitting under the table so I pointed him out (an introduction is letting her watch them rub up against my ankles and follow me around the house - I did not dare let her out of my well placed "to scruff her if she tried to bolt" hands)  She took the trip through the house way better then I thought she would have.  When I got to the bed she was VERY interested, and almost seemed to relax when I laid down on it and put her on my chest (hands still loose but ready)  I praised the living daylights out of her, and snuggled her and gave her kitten massage all the way back to the kitten room where she and her brothers got breakfast.  She came right up to the bowls (that were at my feet) and started eating with out looking at me like I was about pull some unforgiveable funny business and I was able to give them all pats while they ate.  *sigh*  such a huge step.. :)

Mom.. She's still sitting in the litter box box.  However this morning I didn't have to go get her.  I called to her and got no reply so I thought I might have to, but when I called again I got a mew from her.  I kept talking to her, and she came out ON HER OWN!!  She is kind of odd in that she's so hesitant at first but then so insistent for patting and attention once she's gotten a taste of it. She likes to sit on my lap and have me rub her belly and hold my hand (she puts her paws in my non rubbing hand - it is oh so sweet) Some how I feel like a complete failure every time I go in there and she's in the litter box box.  I'd feel so much better if she were under the couch.. although I'd much prefer her to be ON the couch

I so want to call her Amidala.. then I could call the girl Naboo and the elder boy Panaka and the buff boy Bibble.. but I'm so not into Star Wars.. Any world with out a Vulcan is just wrong :)

I suppose I could still call her Amidala - as it is Italian for "flower" but even Nameberry warns it is for StarWars fans..

I'm thinking a couple more days to help them relax.. then off they go so "Naboo" can find her own bed :)



  1. I looked up Italian names and Fiorella means little flower. Sounds kind of cute. I found the name on this page: http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/names/italian.htm

  2. Awesome Rene, now come up with two boys and a girl names!! :)

  3. Good job with Naboo and Amidala! :) Good luck in picking out their *proper* names.

  4. Weeeelll, also from the above page:
    Fedele (M)-for the serious boy, means faithful, serious, trusting
    Arina (F): means happiness
    Nario (M) for the buff boy, means cheerful

  5. Great name suggestions!! I am hopeless :(

    Austin does that thing with putting his paws in my hand when he’s on my lap. It is so squeee!


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