Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Headed to the vet

Well that hitch I mentioned yesterday was that Simon and Schuster are heading to the vet today.  And no, not for that all important next step visit, but because we have some minor health concerns going on.  Both Simon and Schu have been coughing lately.  Nothing major, it hasn't slowed them down in the least but it is a little disconcerting considering there was a stool sample with lung worm in it.  They were panacured (aka dewormed with the dewormer that kills everything) for almost two weeks (it was recommended for seven days but their stools were still a little loose so I kept going for a few more days)

So I had been watching that and late Friday Simon had something goopy on his left ear.  Considering the state of Schu, I just assumed it was food or something else, but when I actually was mentally paying attention (and not just absently minded picking at his ear) I noticed it was dried up stuff that came OUT of his ear.. Turns out he has something causing some sort of pussy discharge.  It doesn't smell hardly at all.  I cleaned it out and flushed it out and Saturday night it was back.  Sunday night it was back again.. it was there in the AM as well, just not all that much, apparently it takes a while to build up and out of the ear.  So they are at the vet today for a good once over to make sure they are going to be healthy enough things to come.  If not they'll probably be here a while.

I'm OK with that.  New guidelines are to neuter and adopt at two pounds.  Used to be 2.5.  I think some important socialization is done during that half pound (not that Simon isn't already almost three)  I know they are so much 'kittenier" at two pounds and thus more likely to be adopted because they are cute and small.. but again, I'm OK with someone wanting them because they are awesome, not because they are 'baby kittens', especially since "kitten" fades..

but we'll see.  The vet might find something in Simon's ear and pull it right out (I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mouse tail in there) and all is right with the world.  Aggie is barreling in on 2lbs and is probably there now..  Decisions will be made once my "book ends" are home..
Schu, whatcha doin?? ~Simon
Washing my foot.. 
Did I do a good job getting clean?
and if not, does this window make me look cleaner??
(Schu is about to be photobombed by Simon)
I think purple makes me look good..
(I love his little crossed paws)
In case you hadn't noticed, Schuster officially has an "eating disorder".  I'm none too worried as Twee had the exact same "disorder" as a kitten and she eats just fine now and keeps her self very clean.  I'm guessing the ticks he had as a kitten put him behind a little developmentally.  I also find it VERY interesting that Schu does not like to climb up on things.  He's only on the windowsill because we put him on the couch.  When I first go in the room I'm usually mobbed by kittens and I sit down to give them all kisses and attention, but while everyone else climbs up on the couch Schu just sits on the floor and screams at me.  After they are fed they all come back up on the couch for more kisses, and Schu (well mostly he still eats, he's a slow eater) will sit on the floor and wait for one of us to pick him up


  1. Oh, I remember those days when Tutu used to just stay on the ground and wait to be carried up...now...NO, it's trying to keep her from jumping up everything in her path.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well at the vets for the sweet kitties!

    Love the 'mouse drowning' below ~ too funny!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!
    xo C

  3. good luck cuties. I am with you - I prefer my kittens to be a little bit bigger before surgery and going out to be adopted. I understand the "tiny and cute" thing, but think that there is a lot to be learned at that point as well.....

  4. Oh no, I sure hope there's nothing seriously wrong with the guys. Please keep us posted. And yes, I've always loved crossed paws.

  5. Purrs and paws crossed.

    I don't like the idea of neutering at 2 pounds either. Those cute little kittens that get adopted don't always stay adopted. If someone really wants to adopt, they'll adopt at 3 pounds too.

  6. neutering that early is bad for the kitten,their internal organs don't develope properly which means the can develope kidney and other problems when they get a bit older

  7. actually, the studies have proven that to simply be a myth.

    There is no discernible difference in cats between pediatric neutering (two pounds) and waiting till the old school thinking of 6-9 months.

    I'm not so much worried about the weight for the surgery, but the socialization and the self confidence that makes kittens turn into better pets and companions when they have those few extra weeks with their clowder.

  8. I hope nothing too bad is going on with the kittens. My human does not get the "kitten" thing, as in why other humans are so anxious to adopt very young babies. A friend of hers just came home from a rescue with a 4-month old, 4-lb. Maine Coon mix (geez, I'm only 2 lbs. bigger than him!), and he is plenty fun and cute, even if he is past the tiny stage.


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