Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thankful Tuesday??

I know the standard is Thankful Thursday but when I find myself swearing because life isn't going according to the "Plan of Connie", I try to remind myself to step back and see the big picture.

I called the shelter yesterday to mention what was going on with Simon and Schuster.  Since both have been coughing.  Since they were diagnosed  and treated for lung worm a few weeks ago, I thought it might be a good idea to get them checked out prior to going in for surgery.  I wouldn't want them to have to go in and not be able to have it done.  Since the whole gang wasn't due to go in for another week I thought they might want to see if this was an issue now and treat it prior to "nip tuck" day.  Also Simon has an issue all of his own.  On Friday night I found that his left hear was caked. I thought it was food, but upon closer examination it was puss that had dried.  I cleaned up his ear real good, got as good of a look as I could and didn't see anything.  The "lets not get paranoid" part of my brain hoped it was just a one time occurrence.   It cleaned up just fine and it did not look read or inflamed.  The next morning it was still mostly clean.  But by Saturday night it was all goopy again.  So I cleaned it again, same story Sunday.  So Monday I called and told them what was going on.  The woman I talked to said I should bring Simon in to be looked at.

Well I brought them both hoping to get them both looked at.  Well another woman who saw me this morning simply cleaned Simon's ear (I so could have done that) and told me that the vet would look at it and the coughing when they came in to be neutered.

which of course got me fuming.  I mean seriously, they need some assistance NOW gosh darn it.  So what if they are happy, and eating, and active, and their poop is fine and they have good manners and look great.  So what if they aren't wheezing or coughing right now for you to see.. *stomp stomp stomp*

Fine whatever *grump grump grump*  make me drive all the way in there and send me home with NOTHING *stew stew stew*

*remembers the bunny in pen that was rescued from neglect*  The poor bunny (a rather large almost small cat sized bunny) had just finished being worked on.  It had cataracts and the fur had been removed from around it's eyes and a great deal of it's head because of it and it's back legs. The skin that I could see was all red and inflamed.

OK FINE.. in comparison with what they were just looking at a kitten with a little goop in it's ears and a slight cough.. I get it.  I don't have to like it, but I get it.  I over react, I know I do.  but I've seen too much not to take things seriously.  Doesn't mean THEY have to take them that seriously just because I want them to. (even if that isn't according to the "Plan of Connie" - OK fine, truth be told, it might even be especially because it isn't)

So Simon's ear continues to be an issue.  At least I'm assuming it is going to be tonight.  The cough is still going to be there... but they are plump and happy and sweet and adorable.  And the sun is shining, and it is nice and warm and not overly oppressively muggy.  We have had electricity all week, and I have the ability to care for kittens that need help.. and I even have canned food to feed them..

*big deep breath*

this isn't anything to swear about..

So tell me, what do you have to be thankful for today?  Please share, I could use happy thoughts.


  1. Maybe you could go back with them when *that* person is off shift.

    I don't foster and even I know kittens can sicken and die in mere hours.

    But as for "Plan Connie" or "Plan Anybody"....You know the gods just laugh at humans who have that mindset, yes? A plan for their lives? That's irresistible to them, especially to the trickster gods. :-)

    I know it sounds trite, but try to "keep calm and carry on." I chant it to myself each day now, sometimes throughout the whole day. Someone told me, on the weekend, that the more you practice it, the more it does work. The letting go of things we cannot control. Which is most things in life.

  2. BTW, I'm pretty darned thankful I woke up this morning, all limbs and faculties still working...pretty much. LOL.

    And I'm thankful that no one I love died overnight.

    I'm thankful for sunny skies, for food to eat, a decent job, having a dentist and doctor (need both at the moment).

    I'm thankful I have really good chocolate in my desk drawer. For the great mug of coffee I made this morning, and ditto for the hot chai I made too.

    Lots of things to be thankful for today. Every day.

    It's just that gratitude comes more easily some days than others. :-)

  3. Thank you for the smiles. You are right, some days it does come more easily then others.

    "that" person is actually the head person for fostering. And while I don't agree with her decision, I can also admit it wasn't the wrong one.. (or at least I will once I let the grrr out of me)

  4. I have so much to be thankful for today...my furries are all well and eating and playing and just plain happy. :)

    PS/ Tutu coughs occasionally. When she's sitting quietly. Just 2 to 3 coughs and that's it for the day...everyday. No coughs during play or running around or eating or anything. So wierd.

  5. Thankful for: baby kisses and watching the bigger kittens run around like nuts. And the scaredy boys coming out of the shells (and one who would like to come out of the bathroom - haha). But I certainly understand - after picking up Bourbon from the vet yesterday and hearing what they told the rescue (but didn't say to me), I would like to find someone over there, rip off their arms and beat them with them.... (and yes, just imagining it does help some) :) But....I can't change them and I know I am doing ok with the kitts...so screw the vet clinic. :)

  6. I am thankful for still having Tucker in my life, even when he pukes on the bed at 3:30 a.m. :-)

    I am thankful for good friends on the Internet. I haven't met some of them in person (yet), but that doesn't mean they aren't important to me.

  7. I also have problems with veterinarians. It seems that they only understand dogs. When it comes to dealing with cats is hard to trust.

    But since the purpose of review is to thank:

    I am thankful for my two kittens. They are my joy of living.
    I am grateful for all of us have health, a home, food and love.
    And most importantly, I am grateful to God to bring the problems so I can learn to overcome them.

    Life is like that, not only joy, but the difficulties are also present to teach us. I believe that the reward for all that comes after it went off the Earth.

    Sorry if my English is bad. LoL Use translator to write in your blog. =)

  8. I am thankful we have the internet to make friends with and to be 'cat people' and be proud of it. I'm also thankful for language translators that let us be friends with cat people who aren't even in the same country.

    Thank you guys for posting your thankfuls.. it made me smile.

  9. I am thankful I get to watch my foster, Andy, steal and lose all of my pencils, pens, and markers. He does it with such style.

  10. And ….. BREATHE! lol

    Today I am thankful for a happy resident kitty, a happy regular visiting kitty AND (will be posting about it later on) a happy and full irregular transient kitty :D Big smiles all round.

    Hope Simon’s ear etc problems get sorted xx

  11. Hi lovely Connie! Just popped over to say hello and wow!! What a saga you're going through! Big wave hello to adorable Schuster and Simon! They're so tiny and adorable!! Oh but of course you were concerned about the coughing and gloopy ear - we are talking tiny fragile vulnerable kitties afterall! Awwwww!

    I hope they are now settled and I have all my bendy bits crossed that the cough will subside and the ear gloop will clear! Being surrounded by total love and care will go a long long way to help! Yay!

    Take care

  12. Sounds like a crappy vet to me. I am uber picky and since I've lived in Maine, have found only 2 out of 7 vet offices that I tried that are worth their salt. And I take all into account...communication, knowledge, treatment of my kitties...etc.

    Not counting the ER vet (they serve a different purpose) I have only liked (overall) Lewiston Animal Hospital and Sunray ANimal Clinic.

    There are 2 HORRIBLE vets in the cumberland area that sometimes treat our cats at the shelter. (I am glad we are using a mobile vet now for most issues). When I say HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE!


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