Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bristol Cats Study

Are you in the UK and have you adopted a kitten recently?  Know anyone who has?  Would you like to participate in an ongoing study on cat behavior and how it relates to health??   (too bad they aren't including the US on this one)

Check out the Bristol Cats Study

We would like to know about your kitten!
Thank you for your interest in our exciting new study of kittens.  This webpage is designed to tell you more about the ‘Bristol Cats’ study…..

‘Bristol Cats’ will be the cat-equivalent of the ‘Children of the 90’s’ study that is run by colleagues at the University of Bristol.  (The ‘Children of the 90’s’ study has collected information relating to children born in the Bristol region in the early 1990’s.  The results of this study have identified ways to help prevent many important conditions, such as cot death).
Why is the ‘Bristol Cats’ study being carried out?
Because we don’t know much about the causes of common behaviour patterns and diseases of cats.
Questionnaires that are completed by kitten owners will give us very valuable data.  We can look to see to what extent certain characteristics (e.g. aggression towards people) or conditions (e.g. obesity) are associated with the cat’s management (e.g. diet, lifestyle) and other factors (e.g. breed).
The results from this study can be used to help improve the health and welfare of cats in the future, in the same way that the “children of the 90’s” study has helped our knowledge of childhood diseases.


  1. Interesting! WIll check that out, though we don’t qualify lol. Thanks Connie :)

  2. Isn't this amazing!!?? I love it!!! Will be most interesting to follow this study throughout the kitties' lives!!! Take care


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