Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well fiddlesticks

So I weighed them, and Nigel has not gained any weight in two days. Hasn't lost, which is a positive, but no gain in two days is nothing to take lightly. There were no additional signs of diarrhea (the towel was clean) but he did not eat very much at all.

I did not get home for a lunch time feeding today, and it showed. None of them had made significant gains. But at this point Bug weighs more then Nigel

I do not have to go into work tomorrow until noon. I'll drag my poor tushie out of bed when my husband gets up in the ridiculous wee hours of the morning to do an AM feeding, and then another right before I leave. I'm also going back to straight KMR with out the cat food in it just in case that is an issue with them. I can't imagine it is, since I've done this with so many other kittens, and in some cases even earlier then I did with this set, but every kitten is different and since he seemed to start having an issue after I added it, we'll back up and see what happens.

*sigh* I shouldn't complain, I knew I was signing on for difficult when I agreed to take home Jordan in the first place.

btw, teeth buds are definitely about to break. Why they chew on me I have NO idea.. but they do.

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