Monday, April 11, 2011

Evening weights

I weighed the kits this evening, and they were basically the same. the girl did gain 0.1 oz as did one of the boys, but did they gain that or did they just have to go pee?  So I decided to switch to grams.
Boy 1: 87.5 g
Boy 2: 84 g
Girl: 81 g

Since I did mention they were quite noisy this morning, they were sound asleep and all alone when I walked in this evening.  Jordan had made it to the litter box.  I sat peacefully next to them for a few moments, enjoying the quiet, then Jordan came and sat on them again and woke them up.  So I went and got my camera. I took my time and supplemented them, and ended up getting 10g in each.  I'm thinking I might try to make it home tomorrow at lunch to give them a third supplemental feeding.  The 10g was pushing it, but it did calm them down and while I wouldn't say they were content, they weren't so obsessive at bugging Jordan.

Here are a couple of photos of Jordan "chickening"

mom, mom,mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, MOOOOOOM!!!

a peaceful moment
If you click on any of the photos and take a good look at the towel they are on, you'll see an excess of fur on it.  Way too many clumps. Seems Jordan is still losing quite a bit of fur as I changed that towel out yesterday.  I've refolded that towel three times now because it was so covered in fur but I didn't want to take the scents they were used to out of there.  I've run out of clean space, so she's going to get a new towel tomorrow.  I think she's relaxed enough at this point that it will be OK


  1. Good to weigh in grams. Ok is 5 grams a day, good is 10 grams and great is 15 grams a day. Even if they only gain 1-5 grams, as long as they aren't losing grams, they can still thrive. My little Cheddar was frightening slow at weight gain the first week, then he took off. If they are active but quiet, also good. Moms chicken a lot. Good to leave the bedding for 48 hours if possible. I often take old wash cloths rubbed on the dirty bedding to put in the box when you change to clean bedding so some scent is left.

  2. So glad to hear the crew has quieted! But sorry to hear Jordan is losing fur still. One step forward...

    The chickening is so sweet. Aggie did it a lot with her little boy. It was her first litter, we think, and premature - only one kitten was born alive. (And her only litter, of course!) She also defended him that way - sort of. If someone new came into the house (yes, the house, not just her room), she would pull the bedding over him and take up guard position with him, covered, and underneath her.

  3. What sweeties. Paws crossed that they all continue to gain weight and thrive and that Jordan is okay too! Universal blessings to you for fostering them! :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales


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