Monday, April 11, 2011

Good news on a gloomy day

oh the rain and the thunder and the fog has just made this one gloomy gloomy day.  Can't even call it duck weather, because I'm sure the ducks wouldn't even enjoy this.  I woke up covered in cats reacting to the thunder.  They aren't fearful of it per say, but they do tense up each time it happens.  I was so sure that Jordan would be cowered up in the corner of the cage "chickening" her kittens, but she was all splayed out which was so nice to see.  (chickening - sitting hovering over the kittens like a chicken would sit on eggs)

I had a ton of things to do this morning, so I was trying to be quick about things.  I weighed the girl, and she was 2.9 oz.  so a slight improvement.  I didn't weigh the boys, because I wanted to get food in them  so I wouldn't be late for work. They didn't feel quite as scrawny as they had, so I didn't stress over it.  I will weigh them tonight regardless.

Generally I don't weigh kittens when there is a mom because it is a bit of a stressor to them to take the kittens away and cause them to scream.  I usually check on them visually every time I go in, and them physically touch them once per day.  This helps them get used to me, and gets my scent in the nest to help them further.  I usually handle them but not always.  Really depends on how things go.  I can often get the sense that the kittens are growing properly.  If something does awry I pull out my scale and watch them... which is what we are doing.

These kittens also cry A LOT.  often newborn kits only cry when they are hungry or cold and then settle right down once their bellies are full and are warm.  The kittens (up until this morning) felt a little on the cool side to me even though Jordan never leaves them.  This morning they felt warmer, which is a good thing.  I filled their bellies with KMR, and usually that settles kits in general right down into taking a nap, but not these guys.  I am giving them all the milk they will take, which is about 6 ccs.. I'd give them more, but it just ends up dribbling down their chins.  Jordan likes that a lot.. :)  I give them back to her and she licks them all over and pulls them into her, but they just keep on mewing.

Jordan does seem to be getting over her cold which is helpful.  She eats about a can and a 1/4 to 1/3 at each feeding. More so at night then in the morning.  This morning she got the last can of Wellness I have and a Fancy Feast Appetizer.  Yes, it is not nutritionally complete, but at this point calories in is important.  She took to that very quickly!!  which was nice to see.  I've also offered her several different types of dry kitten food, but she is shying away from those.  I think her mouth had sores in it when she first showed up, so hopefully with a little more healing she'll be eating more.  I was able to rub her belly the other night, and noticed that one of her nipples has got a red spot on it.  It is one of her upper nipples, near her arm pit.  This just totally confirms that my decision to supplement was a good one.  I am very fortunate that she allows me into her nest to pat her and medicate her.  Unfortunately getting into the cage to get to her isn't the easiest thing.   At least this stage only lasts for a few weeks.

I did write to the shelter at the end of last week about Boy2's extra dangley claw.  I think they think it is going to come off, but it is still working its way through the channels and I'm waiting to hear back.


  1. Yep - our momma cat is a swizzle stick too. She didn't like the science diet canned so mom surrender this morning and gave her the friskies - calories at this point are more important. :)

  2. Yay for a gain, even if it is small, in the right direction.

    You're so right about calories - that's important for her now.

    I'll risk horning in. You're there and I'm not (and I'm no vet!) ... but could this be mastitis? I understand it can get serious quickly: (Figure it's better to say something and not need to, rather than regret not saying something later.)

    Keeping you in prayer, hon!

  3. there is no risk, horn away :)

    She is on antibiotics, and she doesn't feel warm or stiff, just like someone tried sucking on a nipple where there was nothing to get. I am keeping a close eye on her.

    I have been through just about everything with pregnant cats but it always helps to have someone else mentioning things because sometimes I'm just too close to kitties to remember it all.

  4. Whew! I always feel awkward saying anything and I'm so glad you understand!


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