Friday, April 22, 2011

Evening weights

Wed - 157
Thur - 168
Fri - 184!

Wed - 164
Thur - 174
Fri - 193!!!

Wed - 144
Thur - 152  :(
Fri - 166!

As you can see they all did wonderfully this evening.  I'm breathing a little easier.  A friend stopped by and his 9 yr old daughter wanted to visit the kittens so we sat her down and put them all in her lap. They were hungry and started chewing on her which she thought was a riot.  She grew up with out pets, and now is living with three huskies, so she isn't versed in the way of the kittens, but she's so cute with them.

When they left I fed, and got the great weights but they didn't seem as hungry as they had been.  I still got what I considered enough into them, and called it a night.

Jordan keeps bringing them back to the cubbie.  She'll sit in the box for a while and it is random when she moves them.  I get the feeling it is her "summer home"  and it is just too funny.

1 comment:

  1. So-oo-oo-oo glad the kits are growing and gaining!

    It just occured to me that maybe the large cage is too big for Jordan. Would it be an idea to make it smaller with a blanket or something and see if she stays in it for longer than a "summer".


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