Saturday, April 9, 2011

a couple of issues

Jordan finally got up and used the litter box.. which is good.  Her dinner from last night was mostly gone, but the breakfast was still basically untouched this evening.  She's still wrapping herself right around her kittens

I got one of them away from her and he felt a little thin and his fur was bunching, so I don't think she is producing a heck of a lot of milk.. which might be why she is attached to the kittens so obsessively.  So I decided to go out and get some KMR.  Well unfortunately there is no KMR in this small town.  I had an option of Hartz milk replacer, which I will not do, and the new GNC label at PetSmart.  I wasn't overly thrilled with it since it had corn syrup solids in it, but it was that or drive an hour to find actual KMR... and possibly not find any.  Since she is nursing enough to keep them alive I figured this would be ok to supplement them. They weren't overly amused by it.  The girl did suck down 1cc, but the others had to be forced.  I ended up giving them each 4ccs and the rest to Jordan and she did drink it up, which I was thankful for.  She had a few bites of the few foods I offered her, so that is something.  I'm concerned at this point, not yet worried.

On to the pictures..
Boy #2

Boy #2 - notice his ears curl back as well

Girl.  Her ears curl back, but it is hard to see

Girl tail.  yes, that is a white tip.

Boy #1 "Got milk?"

Boy #1

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  1. My momcats growl when eating too, not abnormal when the kittens are newborn but she should stop being so anxious after a few days. Kittens can't regulate their own body temp until they are 2 weeks old so are dependent of mom and littermates to keep them warm. They will nurse less if hypothermic, too. I use a pet safe heating pad underneath the birthing box, leaving about half the box without the pad under if so they can crawl away if too warm. You can also use a snuggle safe or hot water bottles, though they are bulky.


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