Friday, April 15, 2011

One day at a time

thanks for all the praise.  You guys are so sweet.

This morning was yet another lesson in "a cat can always surprise you".  I walked in the kitten room and Jordan was on the window seat enjoying the birds.  She jumped down and came to me but low and behold the kittens were missing.  I wondered if she put them on the window seat so I went to look.  Nope, no kittens.  I looked in the corners that other mother cats preferred, nope, no kittens.  Not in the litter box box, (I have a large box that I put the litter boxes in)  not on or under the couch.  I was starting to get a little flummoxed, when she went to the cat post and woke up the kittens.  The place where she started giving birth in.  Guess she really wanted them in there.  I thought she was missing the box, so I put the blue box back in the cage (I took the towel they were on out - and found the missing claw - and put that in the box) and put the kittens back in there, and she immediately grabbed them and started putting them back in the post, so I gave up.

I also weighed them, and unfortunately they didn't gain at all last night.  They didn't lose, so that is something.  Fortunately I didn't have to go to work this morning so I took my time filling their little bellies and I went back an hour later and tried to get some more in them.  "Winky" also lost his cord last night.  The girls still have theirs eight days later.

Now.. for the picts.

She sure does look pleased with herself

claw on top.  Yes, that is cat fur

claw to the left


  1. She does look awfully pleased with herself in that picture. Guess she has shown least until those kittens get a little bigger and she discovers everyone won't fit in there. MOL

  2. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Well, they're certainly cozy in there!

  3. We only give ya praise 'cuz you're doing a great job with these problem children... mess up and we'll turn nasty! ;)

    Only kidding!!

    Jordan sure does look happy in the post and I guess the momma cat makes the rules!

    (Just wondering if there enough room for the kits to nurse?)

  4. Yep, I'll go with Doodle Bean on that one - you deserve it! Cracks me up... Jordan does look very pleased with herself and, when mama's happy, everybody's happy! ;-)


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