Friday, April 22, 2011


Well, I decided to go with "Crossing Jordan" themed names.  I like the piggie names, but the shelter always looks at me funny when I come up with names that are too unique.  And since I am spelling impared, this will be much easier for me to journal.

At this point I am going to go with Lily, Nigel and Bug for Girl #1, Boy and Girl #2.  I feel a little odd giving a girl such a masculine name... but when you see her little face, you might understand why.  That and she also seems to enjoy being with Nigel.  Of course they are only two weeks old, so I reserve the right to change her name to Macy :)

full of milk

got  milk?

look at my tosies

full belly

more tosies (don't faint)
Unfortunately I only got one good shot of him.  I tried to get a nice pict of him on my lap, but Jordan came over and tried to pick him up, so I have several out of focus shots of her biting his tushie, so I gave up and gave him to her.



  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Oh, little Bug's face! Those are great names!

  2. Those are great names - and adorable pictures.

    BTW - I rescued a tiny kitten last fall and named her just seemed to fit. :)

  3. Bug is perfect, and all the other names are great. They are so cut and little personalities sure do come out! You are doing a wonderful job over there.


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