Friday, April 8, 2011

Babies first picts

Jordan is a little protective.  The first time she left the kittens was when I put food down for her, and she turned around and ran back before she was done eating when they started to cry.  She's not mean or angry, just gathers up what ever kittens are in the box and hovers over them like a chicken... gathering them to her. So I thought I'd do what I could to make her happy.  I want her feeling comfortable leaving the nest to eat

The nest
 Babies. Jordan just left to eat
 Boy #1.  I believe he was first born.  He is bigger then #2
 He has a very dark tabby marking.. I think he's going to be a mackerel.
 Boy #2.. at least I'm fairly certain.  I wouldn't be shocked if in a few days I called him a girl.  He also has a small issue with one of his feet. 

Both boys are polydactyl, but little bit here has a claw with out a toe...  I have a feeling the shelter is going to want to have that removed before one of the siblings chews it off for him.  I've send in a photo and asked what they want to do.
 The girl is black and white, and the last born.  Her ears appear to be curled back. She also has another "hidden" bit of faint worthy cuteness.  I tried to get a shot of it, but Jordan was no longer eating and wanting her kittens, so the next photo shoot I'll see if I can't share it.

I ended up putting several different plates of food in the cage with her.  Figured she'd appreciate not having to leave to eat.  And eat she must.  Feeding three kittens and refeeding herself is going to take a LOT of food.


  1. Oh - serious cuteness!! We are glad Jordan is such a good momma...and so are you. Can't wait to watch the tinies grow up...

  2. You are so thoughtful. This must be very exciting for you. I sure am enjoying it from afar.


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