Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another day, another few grams

Well, I think the third feeding helped.  They all gained about 10 grams when I weighed them last night.  Although in the AM one had gained 2 grams but the others had gained 4.

Last night first.  I decided I had to change out the bedding since the kits were getting their claws covered in shedded fur.  Normally I leave the bedding for as long as possible - until I notice that it is starting to have issues with kitten urine and fecal matter.  Sometimes it happens sooner sometimes later.  Seeing as Jordan doesn't much like to leave her kittens I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  Putting them outside of the cage she just comes and grabs them (and not gently or with any sort of care) and tries to carry them back.  So I put them in a basket and put them on the shelf in the cage.  They were right above where they normally are, so she kept looking around for them.  It was hard to get her out of the cage to get the bedding out, and then when I got her out of the cage she went right back in.  Getting the towel down was not easy.  She finally realized they were above her and jumped up to get them.  I moved the basket in time (I couldn't imagine what her jumping down with a kitten arm in her mouth would be like, and I didn't want to find out) I rushed and got the towel straight and put them back.   If I had realized it was going to be the production it was, I would have just plopped them all in a carrier.  I then weighed and supplemented.  She was very excited when I opened up a  can of food for her, and to be nice for all she put up I let her have breakfast 'in bed'

She got a can of A/D I found, and she loved it.  First time she licked the bowl clean.  I also tried to brush her again to keep at least some of the fur out of the nest, but she wasn't having any of it because the kittens were screaming.

This morning she actually stood up and came to the front of the cage to greet me when I walked in.  I was a little surprised, as that is the first time I've seen her voluntarily leaving her kits (she's left to use the litter box, as evidence by what is left behind but I've not seen it)  The kits hungrily ate the first 3 ml of KMR, but refused most of the rest.  I tried to give them a bit to burp and make room for more, but once again I was running late for work.  I think I ended up getting 6 ml in them.

I think I'd be more comfortable about their health if they would stop making noise for more then two minutes..


  1. Unless you know someone personally or have been a foster yourself, it is very hard to understand how much work it is!

  2. I'll second F&S and I haven't had any truly distressed litters. No matter how much time you spend with them, and with your General Population, it never seems like enough.

    Your comment (yesterday) about turning the towel 20 gazillion times (OK, really 3 or 4) to keep the scent strong in the early days made me smile. I've also laid fresh, thin toweling over the old at times.

    With the exception of Aggie, Jordan seems much more protective than most of our queens have been.

    How is Jordan's coat doing? Is she still losing fur at a rapid rate or is it slowing down?

  3. How lucky for this little foster family that they found their way to such a caring and expert foster mom.

    Thanks for taking care of them so well. Let's all hope the outcome is positive!

    (I have a feeling it will be!)


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