Friday, April 29, 2011

Watching the wedding

I wasn't going to watch the wedding live.  I watched his parents get married live, but I was going to watch this on Tivo so I could forward over all of the fluffery.  I did say if I was awake at 4 AM I would watch it, and low and behold Muffin decided to wake me up at 4:09.   I watched a little non wedding TV so I would be able to fast forward over some of the fluffery, and then settled down to watch the pomp and cirumstance.

at which point Muffin settled herself on my pillow next to me, put her paws on my shoulder and "watched" the wedding with me.  Twee showed up a few minutes later, perched herself on my leg and hip, and "watched" with us.  Jack stopped by for a few moments for some lovin, but I think he wasn't at all into the wedding and went off to do MANCAT things.

I thought it just too funny that my girlie girl kitties and I "watched" the wedding this morning.

(and I have to say I was completely impressed with how calm and composed and how much Catherine seemed to be enjoying the day.  So much more so then HRH)

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