Thursday, April 14, 2011

a development

Do you notice something different?

nothing new in this shot, it was just too cute not to share

how about this one?  and no, it's not that the cord fell off - see it is still attached

Just call me Winky
We have an eyeball.  Yes it is way too early for them to start opening now, but I've had it happen once before and it turned out just fine.  I'll keep an eye on them till the time when the eyes should be opening, but I'm not concerned.

Still gaining weight slowly.  They are also taking turns walking around the cage, which is so interesting because they are blind so where do they think they are going??  I guess they are just working on their leg muscles.  I have the distinct feeling these kittens are going to grow up fast... be quick to do everything faster then normal (except maybe losing their cords)


  1. MOL - the current crew of kittens here are moving around. One stood up on the edge of the bed this am - WAY too early to be trying to escape.

  2. I think the LBC family started opening at 5 days, which surprised me. LOVE the winky look!


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