Tuesday, April 12, 2011

morning weights

Boy #1 (which I'm now pretty sure is a girl) 95
Boy #2 91
Girl: 85

So we are gaining weight.. This morning they didn't eat as much.  They took 1-2ccs easily, but the rest I had to work to get it in.  After a bit I felt a bit like I was force feeding geese for foie gras.  So I got about 5 grams of food in each.  I am going to go home at lunch time and get some more in them.

I tend to sex kittens shortly after they are born, then not look again for a few days.  It is always a bit of a surprise when I get it wrong the first time :)  I can generally tell that if there is fur between the genital openings that it is a boy, no fur it is a girl.  Kitten #1 (formerly know as Boy #1) has no fur, but his/her genital opening is round like a penis opening.  It is still all too small at this point, but with the distinct lack of fur I'm going to go with girl.  I'll have him/her checked out when we take the extra claw off Boy#2

they so need names..


  1. Yep - we are playing the name game too. Though mom admits she sometimes gets gender wrong as well, so she tends to stick to fun things so it doesn't matter. Glad they are gaining weight...

  2. I'm not sayin' NOTHIN'. Nothin' I tell you! I don't want to break our streak over here! ;-D

    What superstitious garbage, but there you have it! Early sexing can be a gamble, that's for sure!


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