Thursday, April 14, 2011

it fell off

This is so interesting (to me).  Remember that the little boy had an extra claw that was oddly attached?  It was basically a vein with skin around it (no fur) connected to a fully formed claw.  I was so sure that when they got older someone was going to chew it off or it was going to get caught on something and rip off and cause major problems.  I wrote to the shelter and they thought it could wait, but the pict didn't really explain the situation real well, so I planned to get the kit to the shelter tomorrow so they could see it.

When I fed this morning (they gained 4 grams last night) I noticed the claw was not looking so healthy.  When my computer at work got a virus and I left early to bring it to the repair shop, I thought I'd run them in to the shelter today.  It looked even more dead when I got him in there, and it was suggested that it would just fall off on its own.  I really wanted to get another photo of it, but I forgot to bring the camera down for the PM feeding.  By the time the feeding was done, the claw was not only off, but completely missing.  I'm a little sad about that because I really wanted to get a good look at it - oh well.

The kits are rather funny when it comes to feeding.  One tried to climb up my arm and chew on me.  Another did climb out of the cage and up my leg to get to me.  They do really appreciate the extra calories even though they still aren't getting the hang of it like most kittens I hand feed do.  I did feel up Jordan, and I don't feel any milk on her at all.  I know they have got to be getting something from her because I am not feeding them enough for them to thrive as they are starting to do.  They are starting to feel a bit more rolly polly then they used to which is nice.  Fortunately Jordan isn't shedding as badly as she used to, so this bedding might last a little bit.


  1. Kittens starting to thrive? And getting roly-poly?


    And kitteh mom is looking much more relaxed and healthy to boot.


    Good job, foster mom!!! This little family is lucky to have you!!!

  2. YAY!!!! All that hard work is paying off, Connie! And I'm so glad Jordan's shedding is slowing. A good sign! Doodle Bean said it, hon, this gang is lucky to have you!


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