Thursday, April 21, 2011

two weeks old

The are doing well, but are still oh so small.  The smaller girl is 22 g smaller then the boy, who was in the 170s (unfortunately they were all odd numbers tonight, and I left the weight sheet in the kitten room)  I think he is 178 and she's 154.  She only put on 8 grams today despite getting a noon time feeding.  on the positive side they finally took a bit more then 13 g of food  - normally the max was 10.

It was asked how they compare to "normal" kittens... From ""
A newborn kitten weighs 110_120 grams (3.5_4 ounces) depending on the breed and nearly doubles the weight by the end of the first week. Weight gains also depend on the litter size. Without supplemental food, a kitten from a litter of 2, on average, reaches a body weight of 350 grams in 12 days whereas 27 days are needed for a kitten from a litter of seven.
so they are half (or worse) the weight they should be... seeing as this is day 14.  Maybe they are just destined to be small, which is very possible seeing how little they eat.  They normally take in about half of what they are going to eat and then need a break. Even the larger girl kitten who eats VERY well (sucking it right out of the syringe) does the same.  I put them back with Jordan to burp and let the food settle.  They soon start screaming for more food, but they don't eat as well for the second or third rounds, and often I feel like I'm forcing it in.  But I keep feeding until they stop screaming.  Jordan takes care of the clean up, and the lovin, I'm just the food at this point.

Although at this rate they are going to be with me until July.  I was only able to foster 16 kitties last year because I had so many long pregnancies with small litters.  Looks like it might be another small year.  (although I should probably knock wood or I'm going to end up with twice that amount or more as previous years)

Happy Birthday kittens.
food, food, food, food, food, food, food...

I win, feed me first!

Jordan gets fed first to distract her
 If you click on her photo, you can get a better look at her coat.  It is still very sparse, but it is starting to feel smoother and not as course.
after the first feeding

snuggle time

yes, they are "nursing" on her leg

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  1. MOL - we have had kittens like that...they just seems to like it hear so much they don't grow up. :) We are glad they are getting bigger. Mom says so long as everyone is eating and healthy, they will grow as they want. Jordan looks like a good mommy...


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