Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 I didn't weigh them last night, and intended to do that when I fed them this morning, but I didn't get down to feed them until the time I was actually supposed to be at work (mornings are not my favorite time of day) so I just got down to basics.  They did make a complete mess out of the towel they were on.  I'm not 100% sure it wasn't diarrhea from one of the kittens since Nigel had diarrhea looking butt.  But it could be that mom had recently given him a bath, since neither he nor the towel smell like poop.  Definitely will have to keep an eye on that.

Jordan isn't shedding as much as she was, just normal cat shedding now.  She feels a LOT better - physically to the touch, but I'm sure she personally feels better as well since she isn't as sickly as she was but she still has eye issues. When she first showed up, the fur that is thinned felt very rough and course.  It is starting to feel a little smoother at this point which is good for her.  She did however lose her remaining three whiskers.  I do not think she is making any milk at all, but she does not mind the kittens nursing on her which is good.  I'm so glad she is around, because usually when I have orphaned kittens I end up doing this every day

It is time consuming but it makes kittens who love water.. which is funny.  This particular set of three kittens were adopted together, and their owners tell me how much they love jumping in the shower.  My sister adopted one of my kittens that got a lot of baths as a kitten, and she jumps in the shower too.

It was also asked if Jordan didn't move to her 'Summer Home' because it was cozier, and maybe covering the cage might help... the cage is mostly covered (except the door way) so I'm not really sure why her preference / insistence for smaller quarters some days.  Hoping to get the kittens on to solid food (way too early) I removed the box yesterday.   Wanting to keep them in the cage, I covered the door way (with just a sheet so Jordan can get in and out easily) which so far has worked.  The kittens don't quite get that food comes from outside sources and not from something shoved in their mouth.  That's OK.  But their little teeth buds are definitely coming, I can't see them but I can feel them when they chew on me, which is cute, but it is going to start hurting when their teeth do come in..

I also made bone broth yesterday, and offered Jordan some of the marrow.  She was not interested. Not all of my crew care for it, but I thought if she would like it that it would be good for her.

I saw this over at ICHC, and laughed so hard..
funny pictures - Mother's Little Helper
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  1. I saw that pic too and laughed even harder as it looks like Junior - and he often has that look on his face. LOL

    Good luck with the kittens. While I don't have the momma cat to groom, this crew seems to be keeping each other pretty clean, so I am hoping to keep baths to a minimum. (fingers crossed)


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