Friday, April 29, 2011

Helping the kitties in Alabama

Ok, and all the other pets too..

I was reading Ingrid's blog about Helping out the pets in Alabama
and this in particular caught my attention:

Most of the local veterinary practices in Tuscaloosa have suffered enough damage to be forced to close.  One remains open, however–run by Dr. Jimmy Canant and Dr. Paul Bronold.
They have been working literally around the clock–without rest, without breaks, and, most painfully, with barely enough resources–to treat the cats and dogs injured by the tornadoes. Some of the injured animals are brought in by their owners, whose own vets’ offices are non-operational at the moment. But most of the animals being brought in have been separated from their human companions. Nobody knows to whom they “belong,” or who will care for them as they recover, or who will pay for their treatment. Dr. Canant and Dr. Bronold are treating all of them, regardless.
Canant Veterinary Hospital is in desperate need of any support we can provide. They need donations of food and other practical necessities. Most desperately, they need money for medicine and supplies-and money to share with local animal shelters who are also struggling with super-human efforts to make sure that no dog or cat who can be saved is left behind.
They set up a  donation page so people can help out.  I like this because I know exactly where the money is going, and it will be directly used to help out the animals and the people who are caring for them.  Generally appeals like this are for general help, and I'd much rather generally help the animals in my area, because I can see first hand that the money is used as it is stated. 

Another reason this struck me is because when I was watching the incredibly ostentatious wedding this morning I heard one royal trivial fact that really stuck with me.  The royal family is supported by the tax payers of England, and it turns out that it works out to about one British Pound Sterling per person.  (about $1.50 USD)  I wondered about all the good that could be done if everyone threw a dollar at the problem.  Seems like such a trivial amount doesn't it?  A dollar.  You can't get much for a dollar, but it can join with other dollars and save a life.

So I'm going to donate.  I hope the small donation I make will help out if in no other way then to let the doctors know that people around the world are thinking of them, and it helps them continue what they are doing just a little bit longer.  I hope our pebbles dropped in the pond makes a tidal wave of help.


  1. Thank you for telling us about this, Connie. We makes a donashun fur all the animals!

  2. Hi Connie - I just wanted to reply to your comment on my Snafu post today. Snafu has his own room...oh yeah, we figured that out early. Basically, I'm his key card! But I have thought of having a cat door flap put on his door except that it's a screen door, still it might be well worth it some day! Thanks for your thoughts and comments. ~Lisa Co9T


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