Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do you explain to a kitty

that life just isn't fair?? Muffin was quite perturbed that I came home to feed and she didn't get any
The afternoon feeding went well.  Again I didn't get in as much as I would have liked, but I figure some is better then none.  I weighed Boy (formerly known as Boy #2) and he was up 4 grams.. I probably could have gotten that in pee out of him, but I decided to take that as a win anyway.  Each one started out greadily and sucked up the first bits happily, but then started moving the head side to side.  My method is to get some in then give to Jordan to clean off and stimulate to burp if necessary, then after the three are done, to start in for a second round.  Usually the kittens clamor for her, nosing around trying to find a nipple.  Today they kept leaving her and working their way towards me!!  I couldn't help but laugh at that since I know they can't see (eyes still glued shut - I mean their cords are still attached for goodness sakes!) So they got a third and one even got a fourth round.  They were not the best at accepting the food, and I still had feelings of foie gras, but they were warm and round when I gave up and went back to work.

I did hear back from the shelter.  They want to wait until he is old enough to be neutered to take off the claw.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.  I think I'll take them in on Friday for a look see directly, and if they still want to wait I might contact my vet and see if he might do it for me.

(and I just couldn't find a way to explain to Muff that life wasn't fair, so I gave the crew a handful of treats)


  1. Yeah - if mom comes home, it must be time to eat. In fact, we got her one day and when she got in there, the dishes were full cause grandma had been there and fed us. But we still had to beg.

    Glad the kittens are doing well. Mom understands about the feeding.

  2. Treats are a good compromise! There's really no explaining but at least the insult is gone!

    I'll second RF. When my dad visited, and fed the crew before I got home, you'd still think they were starving the way they clustered around the food station and pitifully (pit-i-ful-ly, I tell you!) begged for some more.

    Yep, hon, take your wins when they come!


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