Sunday, April 24, 2011


not sure if my cats hate it when I declultter or love it.  It does disrupt their world pretty drastically, but new things are uncovered, things are moved and thus made more interesting, and closets are reveled as new territory to explore.

Friday when I got home from work I hung up my coat on the coat rack, and noticed my winter coat.  Thought it was time to put that away, so I went to get a hanger from the front closet where we keep our "In season but don't really wear often" coats, and noticed a slew of winter coats.  well it just devolved from there.  I cleaned out that closet, the closet in the office where we keep some winter coats and some of my clothes, and the closet in the craft (former bunny) room, where DH stores some of his coats, some of his summer clothes, some of my stuff was in there and three large boxes of "stuff" we threw in there to hide one day.

On Friday I pulled out all of the extra pillows and some bedding that had been "stored" by throwing it in one closet or another.  We had to go through it all and decide which pillows and bedding were "good" and which were ones we really needed to throw away.  But neither one of us was up to it on Friday, and Saturday wasn't good for us either, and .. well we didn't get to it today.. but the cats totally do not mind (it is a good thing they are so forgiving)


Today I worked on those large boxes in the craft room. They were in the closet on the floor, and when I pulled them out to remind me to work on them, the closet floor was empty.  This was fascinating to Skippy who acted like we added a new room on to the house, and he was in and out of that closet all weekend, as were most of the crew.  Of the boxes, one was DH's summer clothes, so that went back untouched.  One held some of my pumpkin collectibles, and I went through those and decided to part with some of them.  the third box held some stuffed animals, some computer equipment, a bucket of pens I've had for 25 years, and some left over medication from fostering back in 2003-2004.  One of those medications had Kodi's name on it, and I was brought to tears.  I have lost misplaced a lot of the pictures from that time frame, so I don't have a lot of Kodi which makes me very sad.  I'm hoping they come back to me when I am read to view them and smile and not cry.

I found a jar of baby food that expired in 2004.  It looked perfectly good, and I knew my cats would eat it, but I just couldn't bring myself to open it. However the bag of open treats were fought over.  I could not believe that they not only smelled like you would expect them to smell for being new and not eight years old, but that my crew would fight one another to eat one!!  Talk about "fake food"..

The pens I finally let go of.  I hate throwing away anything useful, and pens are always useful right?? well it seemed to me that every three or so years I would go through them, test them and throw out ones that didn't work, and keep the rest and then not touch them again for years.  This time I didn't even test any of them.  I dumped them out on the floor, pulled out any that had sentimental value (there was a pencil I remember buying in high school, and pens that have my father's business name on them) and tossed the rest.  It bugs me a little to do it.. but it was so totally about time.

I also cleaned off one of my dressers in the bed room.  The bedroom cat post is near that dresser, and we were constantly trying to keep cats off it.  I moved a humidifier to try to be a fence, and then covered that in other things, and still they would maneuver up there.  So, I moved the post to the other wall just on the other side of the door...
where it was

in the new location, and now it is totally fascinating!
It is amazing how when you move something, it appears to be a whole new thing to the cats.  I know they know it is the same post, but it had to be rubbed on in the new spot, and sat on.  Muffin and her sibling Eli were fighting for the top spot. Eli had won at this point, but Muffin ALWAYS gets her way.
She was incredibly pleased with herself.

I am by no means done, (see above where I mention I have a hard time letting things go) but I did a lot today, and we are all pleased.

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  1. It's good to know you have Cats snoopervising all this work to make sure it's done right.

    heh heh.


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