Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little history to get to a funny story.

Unless you know the history, the story isn't quite as funny.

When I first started out as a cat owner, I did not care where my cats went.  DH very much did, and did not want them on the kitchen counters.  I guess I could understand that, so we were very strict and disciplined the cats when ever they got up there.  As a result, the "elder" cats are very good about not getting on the island (at least when we are around)

Then came Twee.  Twee is a little deficient in the learning department, and try as we might, it would not get through to her that the island was off limits.  She looked so sad and confused when we would tell her to get down, so we stopped doing it.  Then came Kit.  We did what we could.  Then Fleurp, who took the fact that Twee was on the island for an open invite.  They do it to get to us and to possibly scavenge.  I've recently started cracking down.

So that was the history.  Jack, Muffin and Eli don't get on the island, the rest do (well not Skippy, he has no interest)

Today a nice big box came.  It was such a pleasant surprise.  There wasn't anything overtly identifying it on the outside, so it was a bit of a mystery when I opened it.  I was fairly certain it was the prize I won from http://www.catofninetales.com and Taste of the Wild  and it was, but it was still a little fun not being sure.

In the box was a nice toy - which my cats won't play with but will be a hit with the fosters - and three sample packs of the dry cat food.  There was also a sealed card inside.  Inside was a gift certificate for $30, which will make the crew VERY happy.

I was a little reluctant to open the pack and give the crew some treats as they had already gotten three treats this morning.  One because I felt guilty for going to work, Two because I was able to pill Twee (yea! last dose) and I hate the idea of pilling and not having them eat a little something to make sure the pill gets out of the throat, and the third because I realized I forgot Jack's Monday morning pill.  But it didn't seem right not to.  I cut open a small corner of the bag and threw some down for them.  It was very well received so I threw a little more down. Skippy batted a piece under the brown paper that came in the package, and then spent the next few minutes in it  and on it and under it.
Skippy playing, others wondering if more treats will be forth coming
I took the bag I opened and the two others and decided I better secure them before Jack found them and ate through the bag - which he has a tendency to do.  I then heard rustling on the island.  I was sure it was Fleurp jumping up there to get a better position to beg for more, and when I turned around it was Jack.  Jack?!?  Jack never gets on the island (see above) what on earth???...

well it turns out the corner I cut off was near the edge of the island and he got a whiff and ... well I'm not sure what he thought.  Was he going to lick it? chew it, or just sniff it's wonderful aroma?  It was just so amusing how intent he was on getting to it.  My boy, the carb fiend..

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