Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back into the box

Jordan has been leaving the kits a little more regularly now.  She's coming out when I walk in the room, and is eating away from them, so I thought I'd move them all back into the cage last night.  I had a feeling she would just move them back - as she has previously when I moved them on her, but this time she settled down.  They were still in the cage in the morning, and they are still there now.  I'm glad, I get all nervous when there is a real chance she could lay on them (I know they can get out from under her, but I'm still nervous)

Girl #1: 145
Boy:  153
Girl: #2 135

I'm not all that happy about this, as they only gained 10g in two days - but it is a gain, so that is good.  So I did what I could to fill them up, and got 10g of food in them.
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  1. There's nothin' cuter than tiny little kitten butts! :)


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