Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making raw food

I had been contemplating making raw food again for the crew (as opposed to buying raw food) and I've been thinking about it and thinking about it, and dreading it. I stopped making it in the beginning of 2009 (but I didn't make note of when, just a post in August that I'm buying it now) When I first started it was for Em, and how it would help her diabetes (the lower carb) and also for Jack and his urinary issues (citation at ) My crew took to it pretty easily - except Em.

I was afraid I'd never be able to grind bones, being such a soft hearted person and thinking of the fact that I was grinding up chickens (for a smile, read the post about my cutting up a Cornish hen). It helps that they are already in parts, and I can think of them as meat.. (don't ask how I can justify the difference, but that soft spot in my heart does) Well owning so many cats, we would have to grind 80 some odd pounds at a time. Oh, that was hard. The sounds, the smells, and all that raw chicken (thank goodness for latex gloves!!!)

But.. we have had health issues since going on commercial raw. Jack has mild urinary issues and his ears are all clogged with wax. Fleurp and her licking cement and dirt (is that food related? I doubt it, but what ever is going on can only be helped with better quality foods)

but the thought of the odor, the dread of that smell, kept me from doing it.

As is the case with most things you dread, the reality was almost nothing like I remembered.

I mentioned to my husband I was thinking of making it again, and his answer was "OK". I was sure he was going to put up some resistance because he has the worst part of the job (cleaning the grinder) but he seemed to be right on board and even asked when we were going to buy chicken the next time we were out, so ... we bought chicken.

I wanted to start small. I wasn't sure I had everything I needed (and I was out of fish oil) so I figured 10lbs of "not completely balanced but fresh" diet would be okay, and it would be a good test if I could do this or not. I was surprised how easily it went, how I didn't want to vomit, and most of all how excited Fleurp was.

We couldn't remember if Fleurp ever had home made food. From the looks of it, she might have had some, but not all that much. Skippy never has. His reaction to the food making process was a riot because he eats meat right off the bone. I could tell he wondered what on earth we were doing to the meat and why he couldn't have it 'whole' (quotes because it was just a thigh)

Daddy!! what are you doing?!?!

removing most of the meat from the bone so it fits in the grinder (one five pound package)


See? I'm waiting patiently, I'm a good kitty!! REALLY!!

Skippy wondering what the noise was

Fleurp waiting again after she ended up clawing me in her excitement

getting a taste and liking it
We gave them a small bit even though they had already had dinner. A few other kitties stopped by for a lick, but Fleurp and Skippy enjoyed most of it.

The 10lbs of chicken along with the eggs and water and supplements ended up making about 15lbs of food, which will probably last us a week and a half. I don't think we'll stop buying premade raw, but I think we might end up making 20lbs once a month and see how it goes for a while.

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  1. ROFL! Especially the, "Fleurp waiting again after she ended up clawing me in her excitement." I can just see it! Glad it wasn't quite the ordeal that you remembered and that the spousal unit was on board for KP!


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