Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreams and Drool

Let me start off with this is pretty much what I woke up to this morning.  There was four to six inches on the ground..  The drive in to work was not pretty.  We lost power for about 10 seconds (thank goodness) and half of my co-workers lost theirs so they didn't come in.

Weather like this always makes me sleepy, so getting up this morning was not easy.  It was made even more difficult by the plethora of cats on me once I was awake, but more about that in a bit.

I had a very odd dream last night.  I was in my childhood bedroom.  The room I had was basically square, but one corner was cut into so the doorway to the garage could be accommodated.  In my dream that corner was much longer - about the size of a double closet.  I was decluttering the room.  I am not sure if I was moving in or moving out, but there was definite culling of "stuff"  I was making decisions of what would stay and what would go.  I noticed that the corner had a door in it, and I figured I might as well work my way through what ever was in there as well.  I had to move a few things to open the door, and once I got in there, it was a bit of a maze.  I rounded the corner and found a chest with a number of bags of cat chow on them (5lb bags, the kind that stand upright) and I thought that they should go to the shelter.  I kept looking and pulled a few boxes and bags down to go through.  In one bag I found a number of fostering supplies (KMR etc) and I also found a kitten.

It was Cupcake from 8/08
Cupcake was with me barely more then a day before she died of pneumonia.  She looked a few days older then she does in this photo. I kept thinking how this was not right, how she should not be here, as I picked her up out of the bag and put her on my lap.  She peed a little bit on me, and tried to wriggle off my lap.  I still couldn't get over the fact she was there, and I woke up.

Seemed like such an odd visitation, but typing it all out, I see a little more what it might mean.  Loosing Cupcake has always stayed with me.  There have been others, and I feel loss at their passing as well, but Cupcake was just such an odd case.  She came seemingly in perfect health, and in almost no time at all she was gone.  I fought so hard but it was not meant to be, and I think of her often.

But anyway.. when I woke up, I noticed I was once again coated in cats.  Muff and Jack and Twee vying for spots in my face, Skippy on my legs, and Eli came up and sat on the pillows and rubbed his head on my hand.  When Skippy realized I was awake, he came up and sat in the crook of my arm (a very good place to be patted) and started purring.  My poor husband.. .his alarm went off a few moments after I woke up, and he usually snoozes, but he couldn't get back to sleep with the cacophony of purrs going on.   I apologized, and he laughed saying, they love you and he left to go about his day.  They all just sat there, purring, vying for attention, except Skippy who just sat there and drooled on me.

I know I should be grossed out by cat spit all over me, but I take it as one of the greatest gifts he can give me... and it always makes me smile.

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