Friday, April 15, 2011


I am not going to change the GFS* to GMS (Muffin) because I fear where it would end up in the search engines, but apparently Muffin really wanted in on the action.

Fleurp was looking particularly adorable so I got out the camera.  By the time I got it focused, Muffin has joined the photo shoot
 Fleurp didn't seem all that interested in being adorable anyway (or maybe she was just putting her fur in place?)
 So I pretended to leave, and turned around and saw this. 
Sorry Muff.  I love you, but this is supposed to be a GFS..

*Gratuitous Fleurp Shot


  1. snicker....looks like Fleurp has ears in the wrong spot in that last picture.

    Mom has the problem with us sometimes...try to get someone being cute and someone else has to get in the picture....


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