Tuesday, April 19, 2011

another odd dream

I didn't weigh the kits last night, so no update on them other then they seem to be doing well.

I had an odd little dream last night.  I was in the house I lived in previous to this (5 years ago) and there was "family" there.  Awake I didn't recognize anyone, but I knew them to be family.  There was a little girl there.  She was just learning to walk I think, and at one point she fell down and went pee all over the floor.  I rushed to get her up before she got up and stepped in it and walked all over the house with it (something I do with kittens when they walk in things).  Instead of turning around and using the sink that should have been behind me, I walked her down the hall.  Apparently in my dream my kitchen sink wasn't in the kitchen.  As I walked, I saw Ollie curled up in a ball sleeping.  I remembered thinking how odd that it was he was there (and it would have been if the dream was real because Ollie was not one to hang out when we had company.  He hid so well no one including me could find him) I got to the sink and it was full of dishes and pots and pans.  I tried to hold on to her and turn the water on, but I was having a difficult time when my uncle (who recently passed) stood up and moved an oven rack and turned the water on for me.

Such an odd dream to have two recently passed loved ones show up.  Even odder the context of it.

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