Saturday, April 16, 2011

Evening weights

the girls put on 10 grams, the boy... 17!! It might have helped that they got an afternoon feeding.

I'm still trying to think of names.  They remind me of guinea pigs, so I was hoping that there would be varieties of pigs that would work, but they aren't all that workable... American, Silky, Alpaca... etc.  So then I was thinking of the show Crossing Jordan.  So we could have Macy, Nigel or Woody, and Lily.

There are some interesting pig breeds that might make good names..

I have lamented before that I do believe that naming kittens is one of the worst part of fostering


  1. Love the Crossing Jordan theme! Lily is a natural, of course. But if you have a Nigel, you've got to have a Bug!! ;-) Not that I didn't like Woody, mind you, but I just loved Bug. Oh, but I just loved Macy, too. Dang this is tough.

  2. I think the pig breed names are cool - and you don't have to tell anyone what they are.

    How about Bantu, Arapawa and Dermantsi?

    I betcha nobody at your shelter has named their foster kitties those before!

    P.S. Glad to hear the kits are gaining.


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